RDG - HQBS @ Ramona Mainstage 2/28/14

Recorded live during RDG's opening set with King's X. Features Bill Ray on drums and Deron Ireland on bass. Audio recorded using a Zoom R16 and merged with video footage using Move Edit Pro 2014. For more info, visit http://www.rdgrocks.com

RDG - HQBS @ Ramona Mainstage 2/28/14RDG - Warped @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13RDG - EyeCycles @ Ramona Mainstage 1/18/14RDG - Evolution (aka Ray Can't Count) 12/9/13BillRayDrums Clinic SoundcheckBill Ray Drum Solo 11/18/13Jazz Nu-sion - Mike Watson tune w/ Mike on GuitarRDG - EyeCycles 1/4/14RDG - Bill Ray Drum Check 2/17/14RDG - 1972 @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13All Roads Lead To Taylor NegronRDG - Heavy D @ Ramona Mainstage 12/21/13"Redaction In Realtime" w/ Mike on Fretless Guitar - Alt. Camera AngleRDG - Lost & Found 1/4/14 (alternate take)RDG - Bill Ray Drum CheckWorkin a PartRDG - Seventeen (demo) 3/31/14RDG - EyeCycles @ Ramona Mainstage 2/28/14RDG - Insomnia @ Ramona Mainstage 2/28/14RDG - Insomnia @ Ramona Mainstage 1/18/14RDG - H.Q.B.S. @ Ramona Mainstage 1/18/14

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Bill Ray is an American drummer most known for his work with the late Ike Turner on the Grammy Award winning "Risin' With The Blues" and is also featured prominently in the Smithsonian Channel series "Sound Revolution".

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