George Lawrence is the first drummer other than my father that I consciously remember watching. That being said, I must say that I have always been aware of the beat. Even when I could barely walk, the driving smack of 2 & 4 carrying and propelling the music was enough to let me know I've found something!

When I was 4 years old, George had brought his drumset to my father's studio and sat down and barked out the most amazing solo I'd ever seen. It was the one that sent me home DYING to pick up my sticks and once I did that evening, I realized that this was what I was put on the planet for! As I turn 40, I owe this entire crazy 36 year span to THIS MAN. (I'll send you my therapy bill, George!)

Further, this is the guy who taught Keith Carlock, the drummer for Sting/Steely Dan/Wayne Krantz/Oz Noy and others.

A couple of months ago Steely Dan were playing at Pala Casino, a place that I do a lot of work and I just happened to be working that night! It dawned upon me that no matter what our paths in life, the two of us were influenced by this man and even though the gigs were polar opposites, still, there we are both doing what we love and really that is what ultimately matters. 

Enough about me, this is from George's bio on his site: 

Hailing from Jackson Mississippi, George has lived and worked in the major music centers Los Angeles, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals Alabama, recording and touring with some of the best musicians and recording artists from around the world. He is known for his "deep pocket groove" and his ability to inspire other musicians to play their best.

He is currently touring and recording with the infamous veteran band POCO, and playing other free lance sessions and gigs. His drumming styles range from funk, R&B, soul music, blues, country, rock from classic to metal, pop, big band jazz, be-bop jazz and jazz-rock fusion music. He spent many years as a recording studio "session cat" and reads standard transcription and Nashville number charts flawlessly. He has played drum set in every imaginable setting including concert arenas, videos, TV, clubs, churches, symphony orchestras, and clinics. A true professional sideman, George is available to work gigs, recording sessions and clinics anywhere in the world.