So I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the drumkit out to a bar and play along to some tracks of artists who are not known to the general public, but really, really ought to be.

sub rosa at cd baby

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rdg rocks- instrumental guitar rock lives!

I do not use a click track when playing to these tracks; I just have to know where to step. Playing without a click makes me listen into the song and it's a deeper level of congruence for me, to lock into the more subtle rhythmic "handholds". It's a challenge and it gets me way more in touch with the tune than I've ever gotten just playing with the click. Of course in a studio I would certainly play to a click (if it felt right) but anyone who has ever considered tuning into music on a deeper level, I recommend doing this until you're comfortable.

This video is a collaboration of some really great people in my life; Raymond DiGiorgio ran the audio and video capture and we play together in the Instrumental Guitar Rock Fusion band RDG. Gotta give mad props to Raymond, he rendered all of this before doing the workup of our show this past weekend with Michael Lee Firkins. (Video forthcoming)

Cathryn Beeks put together the shindig and you can look her up at for great music from this area. She's kinda the "go to girl" for all things musical here.

We record into a ZOOM R16 deck; Kick, Snare, Overheads, Racks and Floors split into single channels and L+R Audio track (8 channels total), using GoPro cams.

Why I Do This

For a very long time I was of the mindset "The music today is...(insert negative comment here). So complaining without action is considered "Whining", and rather than issue forth with empty words, have taken it upon myself to drag the artists portrayed in my musical endeavors kicking and screaming to the table, and the best part is they don't even have to show up! It would also be a dream of mine to send them royalty checks for performance licenses, once I can fill up a calendar with dates to unveil this crazy good music that's right under our nose. At least for the moment be able to help them sell a CD or two. If you wanna have me come play your place, Drop me a line!

Support Your Scene!

Any city, any town will have a treasure trove of talented and wonderful artists that usually exist beneath the surface; maybe it's ego that keeps them indoors, sometimes it's just the person is more of an introvert and never "learned" the skills that are human related in the "Business end" of "The Music Business". Who knows why but there's just an inordinate amount of talent that lurks in the corners and crevasses and I'm making it my mission to play to the crowds this incredible music that would otherwise fade into obscurity, end up as a keepsake on a shelf. I just can't bear to see that happen!

Scary Monsters...

It can seem like a very large and scary monster and the stories told of this or that person being shafted are of legendary status. But in reality that sort of thing happens in ANY occupation, jobsite or demographic. It's not endemic to music alone. So I urge you, the reader of this (and thanks for your attention thusfar!) to go out and discover those unique and gifted talents that are your local artist communities. Jam sessions, art shows, concerts, etc. Don't say "I've never heard of that artist" but rather "I can't wait to hear what they sound like!". Supporting live music is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for reading!!