I've been creating an ongoing series called "Rhythmic Sketchin'" that is geared towards providing inspiration for musicians who have hit a wall in their composition endeavors.

For about 15 years now, I've recorded my "braindroppings" and posted them to the internet for people. During this time, about 50 full-length albums, 3000+ individual tracks have been sent back to me. Too many to keep track of, for sure! However, it's managed to get my name on a bunch of things and I'm thankful for that.

The difference with this project is that I'm making available the full stem file collection (11+ drumset mics + a mixdown of the entire thing) and they are now available for purchase right here in my store.

It's my belief that a good song starts with the rhythmic content; melody aside, the rhythm is often the first thing that begins a catchy tune. Cadence and tempo, coupled with a catchy melody are what sells the thing. With so many folks now creating music, sometimes a lot of it begins to sound the same. These drum tracks aim to help give folks options rather than settle for the usual collection of grooves and common rhythms that seem to pervade in our musical zeitgeist.

Right now I'm having a sale of sorts; you can get anything on the site for a whopping 80% off ($5 USD for each collection of tracks) so if you'd like to take advantage of them, I urge you to do so now, as the sale will be ending March 1, 2021.

I cannot wait to hear what y'all do with these. Most importantly, have fun!