At any rate, they're honest. I play them to a click so you can cut them up, slide things around, snip out the parts you do or don't want and maybe you'll make a hit record with these ideas! (If you make any money, send me some!)

I have been making these kinds of ideas available for almost 15 years. Over 3,000 tunes have been written around them that I know of. Also, some 50 albums have come to me from random strangers around the world. It's my way of giving back to the universe of music. We all have to help each other along.

It's a somewhat backwards way of making music, but I believe that every good song has a rhythm that is memorable. Maybe technology has homogenized the "art of music making", but I'm one holdout who believes in the old-school way; play the drums, make a beat.

Rhythm is the "lost chord" that so many musicians tend to seek, and it's always been right there. I hope these "melodic orphans" find a home in your musical world.

If you have a request, hit me up.

*Stem file listing: Kick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Tom1, Tom2, Overhead L, Overhead R, HiHat, Ride Cymbal, OTKR (Over The Kit Rear), Room (front 10' away)